As Sri Rama Sene on Monday launched a campaign against azaan (public call for prayer) by singing bhajans early in the morning in temples using mikes, the State Government said that it would lay down guidelines for use of loudspeakers in public places in the next couple of days.

Monday saw Sene activists singing bhajans, Hanuman Chalisa or Suprabhata being sung or played in some temples to “counter” azaan.

Home Minister Araga Jnanendra told presspersons in Shivamogga that “The Supreme Court has already given its order on the use of loudspeakers in public places. We will issue guidelines to monitor the use of loudspeakers in two days. The Karnataka Government has also issued an order in this respect in 2002. We will initiate action to implement it strictly.”

Decibel level, licence

He said: “Guidelines will be issued specifying the decibel level to be followed in residential, industrial, and commercial areas. The guidelines will address among other issues the need for a licence for those using the loudspeaker throughout the year.” All those specifications in the guidelines will be strictly implemented, he added.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that the State Government would take action to implement the Supreme Court ruling and the earlier orders of the Centre and State Government on use of loudspeakers in public places.

“These are being followed in other States, including Uttar Pradesh. We have consulted the Advocate-General and the Law Department on the matter,” the Chief Minister said in Bengaluru.

“The Karnataka Government has also issued an order in 2002 in this respect. The Central Government has issued a directive based on the Central Pollution Control Board that details the decibel level in loudspeaker. The Karnataka Government has in 2000 issued an order to follow the Centre’s directive. We have decided to follow these government orders and Supreme Court direction,” he said.

Detailing some provisions, he said: “A Dy. SP rank officer has to be appointed to implement the orders. Those wishing to use the loudspeaker throughout the year have to seek licence. We will issue appropriate guidelines to follow all the provisions of these orders.”

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