After a delay over the tender process, blacktopping of major roads that are in bad shape in Mysuru is likely to begin in the next few days and the work orders to contractors is expected to be issued in a day or two.

The works are being taken up under the Mayor’s grant and the roads had been chosen based on their conditions (extent of damage) and traffic density.

Mayor (in-charge) Sunanda Palanetra said tenders had been finalised and the work orders are expected to be issued by the office of deputy commissioner.

With the city witnessing heavy rains for the past several days, the contractors are waiting for the rains to recede to begin the works. About 15 major roads have been taken up for black-topping and each stretch of blacktopping is estimated to cost ₹1.2 crore to ₹1.5 crore.

Asked whether the works would be delayed further citing rains, the Mayor said the tender process took time as in some cases there were no participants. There is still time for the onset of monsoon and the blacktopping is expected to be done by May-end. “In total, works costing around ₹18 crore are being taken up,” she said.

To a question, Ms. Palanetra said she and the Commissioner inspected the roads identified for the works and decisions for carrying out blacktopping were taken accordingly, irrespective of whether the area fell under any particular ward or constituency.

In some areas, the roads are being converted into double roads, the Mayor said, adding that single tenders for certain works delayed the start of asphalting.

A sum of ₹50 crore was sanctioned by the government to the Mayor for carrying out the repairs and asphalting as roads here have turned from bad to worse after the damage caused by last year’s heavy rains and lack of timely maintenance.

Repairs and blacktopping of major roads would essentially cover most wards. “The works won’t be confined to one particular constituency or ward. Wherever the roads need blacktopping, such roads will be taken up on priority and later remaining stretches will be taken up,” Ms Palanetra said.

The roads in need of blacktopping have been identified by the engineers and accordingly the works are going to be taken up. The roads that are in bad conditions are going to be taken up in the first phase.

Many roads continue to remain in bad shape and no repairs have been done whatsoever despite protests from the public. Citing COVID-19 reasons, the maintenance of roads had taken a beating since the last two years, resulting in potholes in many areas. Last year’s rains further damaged the roads. The drive to fill up potholes was done in some stretches and did not cover the city entirely even as the condition of roads in some stretches have turned from bad to worse.


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