Appealing to all the mosques in the State to immediately install noise-controlling device in loudspeaker systems used for calling azaan, the Ameer-e-Shariat of Karnataka, Maulana Sageer Ahmed Rashdi, also appealed to the youth to remain calm.

“If someone chants Hanuman chalisa in front of a masjid, have patience. Do not respond. Inform those in charge of the masjid or the mohalla committee, they will bring it to the notice of the police who will handle the situation,” he said in a recorded message to the community. “What we require in the current time is patience and remaining calm. The police will handle the situation as per the law.”

Appealing to the youth to not get angry, he said: “Stay away from the problem, stay home and there is no need to get worried.” He also said that everyone should pray for the happiness in the country, and maintain good relationship with everyone.

The religious leader also said that the Police Commissioner’s office has promised to handle the situation against those trying to disrupt peace. Police are also at work to prevent any law and order situation, he added.

‘Purchase device’

He said that all masjids should set up the noise-control device in the amplifier so that the noise levels are as per the guidelines laid down by the government. “We request every masjid committee to purchase it irrespective of the area or population living there. The device is not expensive. If the device is fixed there will no scope for complaint and everyone can live happily.”

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