The police on Tuesday arrested six Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) activists on charge of assaulting an Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) activist and smashing a car following a clash at Chaparappadavu.

According to the police, those arrested are P.K. Mohammad Habib, 23, of Taliparamba, K. Mohammad Musthafa, 22, and P.K. Shajahan, 21, of Pariyaram, K. Mohammad Shafeeq, 22, of Panappuzha, K. Rashid, 22, of Alakode and Mohammad Fahad, 22, of Kannur.

The police said the clashes took place between the SDPI and the IUML twice on Sunday. The IUML activists, in their complaint, alleged that they had come under attack when they questioned some youngsters who were allegedly found using banned narcotic substances at Kannakai football ground.

However, the SDPI members alleged that they were attacked by IUML activists while they were sticking posters. Four of their activists were admitted at the cooperative hospital at Taliparamba, they said.

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