Discord, the voice chat app popular with gamers, is finally making its way to Xbox. That means talking to people on Discord while playing “Halo Infinite” all on an Xbox console will soon become possible.

The one catch? The integration takes a few steps. Users will have to follow several instructions, accepting prompts across multiple apps, to enable a transfer of Discord voice chat to Xbox consoles.

Xbox Insiders, a program for users to try out software and games early, will get the feature first on July 20, to Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One consoles. Discord will roll out “later this year” to all Xbox users, though Microsoft’s announcement was not specific about the time frame.

To enable Discord on Xbox, gamers must first install the Xbox mobile app, open a voice channel on Discord and tap the option in the Discord app to transfer to Xbox. The Xbox app will open up again, asking users to confirm the change. Then, your Discord conversation should connect to your console.

Mobile users could already use Xbox and Discord in conjunction with each other by using the mobile app while playing on Xbox, for example. This integration lets gamers avoid that workaround for a smoother experience.

“Today’s launch is rolling out to Xbox Insiders for early Alpha testing, and we’ll continue to iterate based on the feedback we receive,” said Kellyn Slone, product communications group manager at Discord.

Discord adds new Twitch-like AutoMod feature to help keep users safe

Discord launched in 2015 in a beta testing phase and found fans among gamers who liked the platform’s anonymity, reliability and focus on voice and text over video. Discord has flourished in the pandemic, growing its monthly active users to 100 million by July 2020.

Gaming companies have grown increasingly interconnected over the past several years. The Discord and Xbox news comes days after Riot Games and Amazon Web Services announced a partnership that will leverage AWS technology to analyze data during Riot’s esports broadcasts. In the same week, Loaded, a talent management firm for influencers and game developers, said it designed virtual YouTubers for Respawn’s “Apex Legends” based on cosmetic skins from the game.

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